Key Role: Become involved in the recycling program as much as possible by source separating materials, monitoring materials for contaminants, promoting the program, and spreading the word about your school’s environmental effort.


  • Become part of the Recycling Team by forming or joining a school environmental club or working with administrators to implement the program at your school.
  • Set up a student monitoring schedule to be sure classroom and cafeteria recycling containers are not being contaminated with trash.
  • Volunteer to talk about the recycling program on the school morning announcements. Here’s an example: Video on Trash Talk Announcements at DeMasi School.
  • Keep other students enthusiastic about recycling through a school poster contest, classroom challenges, or articles in the school publications. See some ideas in this video about DeMasi Middle School students assisting the elementary school students.


  • Join the school environmental club.  If the school doesn’t have a club, form one.
  • Assist in the collection of materials from classrooms, where appropriate.
  • Set up a student monitoring schedule for all recyclables collected in classrooms and cafeterias.
  • Promote the new recycling program:
  • Design a school recycling mascot (this could be related to a school mascot already in existence).
  • Create a recycling information and display board.
  • Challenge other classrooms to collection and quality control contests.
  • Hold a school poster contest.
  • Write articles about the importance of recycling for the school publications.
  • Tell your parents or guardians and siblings about the recycling program.