(This representative may be the Buildings and Grounds Superintendent, the Facility Director, the Head Custodian or someone else from this department.  Some schools have their own employees that fill these rolls or contract with a company for these services.)

Key Role: Assist with implementing and maintaining the new recycling program, and serve as school contact for discussions with the trash hauler.


  • Watch this video: Getting Started in Frankford: School and Municipality Work Together.
  • Cooperate with the Central Coordinator, principal and other school personnel to conduct a school walkthrough assessment.
  • Help determine size and quantity of recycling containers needed in classrooms, cafeterias and other locations (e.g. offices, gymnasiums, and outdoor athletic fields) and types of containers needed for transport from inside locations to outside dumpsters.  Be sure that all containers are properly labeled.
  • Work out a schedule for the school’s internal flow of recyclables based on the trash hauler’s collection schedule.
  • Familiarize yourself with the hauler’s expectations and standards for recyclables.
  • Put recyclables into the proper storage containers.
  • Provide the final quality control, check for the school’s recyclable material.  If recyclables are particularly contaminated, notify the Central Coordinator.
  • Monitor the program logistics such as the size of outdoor storage units and the frequency of pickups by the trash hauler.


  • Assist with the school’s walkthrough assessment.
  • Work with other key personnel to determine the size and quantity of recycling containers needed throughout the school.
  • Obtain a recycling pickup schedule from the district’s hauler.
  • With the Central Coordinator, create and distribute a school collection schedule for all recyclables.
  • Provide ongoing quality control for all recyclables by monitoring collection containers.
  • Ensure that recyclables are prepared properly (e.g., there should be no recyclables inside plastic bags).
  • Report any problems with the size of storage containers or frequency of pickups by the hauler to the business administrator or Central Coordinator.