Key Role: Act as Central Coordinator, or work with that person when contracting for recycling and/or trash collection services. Help establish budget for collection containers and promotional efforts.


  • Review data compiled from walkthrough assessment.
  • Review existing trash/recycling collection/hauling contracts.
  • Include request for recycling service in next hauling bid (remember to be specific), or re-negotiate contract with current hauler to include recyclables.
  • If outdoor storage containers will be provided by the hauler, work with school buildings and grounds managers and personnel to be sure each school receives the proper size. Also, make sure all containers arrive in time for the program kickoff.
  • Review staff job descriptions to assure that recycling requirements are incorporated.
  • Be available for feedback from schools once recycling program begins.
  • Make adjustments in storage containers or frequency of pickups if necessary.
  • Establish central data collection system to record amounts collected.
  • Annually report amounts of materials recycled to local recycling officials, or be sure that the recycling hauler does so and also sends the school district copies of tonnage reports.


  • With the assistance of the Central Coordinator, compile walkthrough assessment information and determine overall school district recycling needs.
  • Review existing trash/recycling hauling contract.
  • Include a list of desired recyclables and volume estimates in the next hauling bid, or discuss needs with the current hauler.
  • Monitor the delivery of any outdoor storage equipment provided by the hauler.
  • In consultation with the buildings and grounds manager, purchase any recycling containers needed.
  • Check with schools once the program begins to be sure the new recycling service meets the needs of each school.