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Superintendent or Designee

Key Role: Provide support for the program at the administrative level. Work closely with Central Coordinator to communicate with school principals the importance of their involvement in planning and monitoring the program. Serve as a central link for gathering and disseminating information among the schools and to the community.


  • Meet with Central Coordinator to introduce program to school principals and buildings and grounds managers.
  • Speak in support of school recycling program at appropriate kickoff events.
  • Offer to serve as contact or designate a contact for local media if needed during kickoff events.
  • Help motivate staff and students to participate in program.
  • Disseminate information as program progresses.
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Central Coordinator

Key Role: To assume responsibility for facilitating all aspects of program design and implementation; to be the central contact and point person for the program.


  • Organize a Recycling Team.
  • Conduct waste audits.
  • Design program for the school(s).
  • Facilitate implementation of program.
  • Ensure that materials are monitored for quality control.
  • Track amount of material(s) recycled.
  • Reinforce program through continuing educational and promotional efforts.
  • Serve as point person for the program.
  • Explore ways to improve and/or expand programs.


  • Review this toolkit and the linked resources.
  • Organize Recycling Team.
  • With superintendent, meet with principals to discuss program logistics and develop preliminary timeline.
  • Ask principals to alert buildings and grounds and food service staff/contractors about program and upcoming waste audit.
  • Perform waste audits.
  • Complete program design, including list of recyclables to be collected, container needs, cost assessment and collection and storage requirements.
  • Confirm that school officials and haulers/recyclers have determined frequency of pickup and type of storage containers for each school.
  • Identify educational and promotional needs and set program kickoff date.
  • Communicate information about program to all principals, school personnel,* parent-teacher associations and other appropriate persons/groups;* e.g., the athletic director who must be familiar with recycling in areas such as gymnasiums and outdoor playing fields.
  • Meet with student environmental clubs and/or other appropriate personnel to discuss potential kickoff events and other educational projects.  Also, try to involve students who are not necessarily involved with the environmental club, such as athletes, band members, members of the school newspaper staff, and several key teachers in order to appeal to all of the student body, especially if an assembly is planned.
  • Contact school district communications personnel to discuss writing an article about the program to be published in the local paper or posted on the municipality’s or the school district’s website. (NOTE: A series of articles can trace the program from planning through implementation, related student projects, and long-term results of program.)
  • Remind hauler of kickoff date and double-check collection schedule.
  • Assure that all collection containers within the school are in place (with trash and recycling containers next to each other), signs and posters are mounted, and student/teacher monitors understand their roles.
  • Ask that teachers discuss recycling and environmental issues with classes to give students background on why recycling is important.
  • Ask superintendent or principal to send an email to parents reaffirming the school’s commitment to recycling.
  • Coordinate a school assembly or other event to kick off the recycling program.
  • Create a poster (possibly using the school district’s/school’s mascot) for use throughout the district.  See the side box explaining the recycling symbol and an example of the creative use of the symbol to customize a logo.
  • Disseminate announcements via school radio/Cable TV, website, social media pages and email messages.
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